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Diverse in style and technique John's works span multi dimensional boundaries. Having a very extraordinary approach towards the so-called normal canvas of mainstream art, his canvas is the first thing that would differ from others. What he does not engineer and build himself, he acquires from natural settings, from the discarded, from the overlooked, unwanted, unimpressive anomalies of life. His range: wood, glass, metal, plastic, fabric, acrylic, paint, crayon, paper, ceramic, and well one would ask, "What doesn't he use ?"

Now in his early 50's John keeps the same mental attitude of his younger life as an artist.
"Living is art. Art 101. And experiences are the pop quiz to see how you answer. I answer with color and form. With perspective and shadow and shape. I maintain that you don't have to have eyes to see art. You could be blind and hear art. You could be deft and feel art. You could be paraplegic and experience the depths of art. Creativity, imagination, insight, vision, is something everyone has; believe it or not, it's what you do with these that become your character and skill set. You can be taught technique. It's your response to, your action and reaction of, your attitude towards experiences of life that will change the color you paint on the canvas set before you. It's not always what you put in but what you leave out that makes the picture intriguing and a reflection of your mind. Your daily life is a canvas you add color to moment by moment. Be a good artist and paint life's picture with lots of rich color and warmth. Let the world see good things in your living canvas."

As a youngster, John traveled extensively as his parents moved back and fourth across the United States. Sitting in the back seat of the cars drawing for hour's things he saw along the roadside. A self taught artist, he would rather draw than play sports. Although from what I've heard Racquet Ball is a close second. His formal education in art began in the sixth grade. John attended three different sixth grade schools, because of the frequent moves. The last move he found himself at Northridge Jr. High School in San Fernando Valley, California, where he attended Mrs. Gloria Patterson's art class. Mrs. Patterson was more than an art teacher. She tutored John in English, Math, History and anything else she could shove down his throat, but that's another story. The foundations he learned in her class are the building blocks of his career both in the professional and the art world.
Leaving Jr. High, John attended James Monroe High School there in the valley. Art classes were quite full and he started taking photo shop. At the age of 15 he began flying his dad's private plane. He out flew both his dad and his instructor, doing a solo in less than 6 hours. However he never received his license because he couldn't read the test or figure the math involved. Surfing, Hot Rods, girls and life in general around the California beach area in the early '60 took John down a hard road of drugs and rebellion. He was socially promoted (graduated) because his academics were so poor. If you ask him what he learned in High School he will tell you; "Three things: There is always someone bigger than you. There is always someone smarter than you. And there's always a better way to do something." After graduation John was drafted into the Army. The Vet Nam war was going strong. A short tour in Germany broadened his horizon and gave him more subject materal to paint.
After years of not being active with his art (job, family, finishing college) we find John living in Central Texas with his wife Youlanda Ruth. A spiritual rebirth, a wife full of encouragement, a small studio, a blank canvas, and lots of paint: The artist is back to work.

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