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Best experienced using Internet Explorer, I don't have experience with Netscape or other browsers. I have noticed using Netscape 4.7, if you reload or move to the next page then click the Tool Bar Back button the pages seem to load correctly from then on. I am in the middle of learning how to setup HTML tables that work in all browsers, however my time is limited when it comes to developing this web site.
And please remember the LARGE images files take time to load on the page, 10 - 20 seconds using a 56K modem, so be patient

The Impossible Triangle Fine Art Gallery and Studio

There are a lot of artist and art galleries posted on the Internet these days, so I am honored you dropped in to see me. The web site can be navigated start to finish visiting all four of my galleries by using the "Next Work" button. You have the option to select a gallery or other pages from the menu bar on the left hand side.
Photographs don't always reproduce a painting well and for that reason the twenty-four works I've listed here are only a sample of what hangs in the real gallery. So, plan yourself a trip to Texas, stop on in and see the rest up close

The works are not categorized within any one gallery but randomly placed, more like moving through a museum than a studio. A studio is usually grouped by style or medium, like "The Watercolor Studio" or "The Pastel Studio" or a subject like "Landscapes". I have chosen here to give you a wide range and more interesting tour. Some of the works have second and third level detail behind each picture. You can visit "more of the story" by clicking on these pictures. The web site is I hope up to today's standards and should work with some familiarity for each user. Although I am not new to computers I am new to HTML and Java code and the pages here are what you might say 'learning as we go..'
Hope you enjoy your visit. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.    Thanks again.

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