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Harbor Safe
Acrylic on Linen 80 x 46

Started with the help of my wife in late 1998 by stretching the fabric over a homemade frame. My goal was to create a work without loosing the original color of the cloth canvas. During the early periods of the work frustration set in, because of conflicting ideas within the borders of the frame and that the linen fabric would stretch and shrink as paint was applied, so I set the whole thing aside for a year and remodeled our house. First proofs and sketches held everything from cowboys and horses around a campfire with black silhouetted trees on a far away horizon at sunset to a mystical fantasy world far off in space reflecting our own planet in a pool of crimson tides and moon-like craters. The early intention of having the work hang upside down - right side up, displaying two different worlds was lost when I anchored the picture in one direction with the addition of the sail boat. A subtle serenity remains amidst the sunset, towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls and the storm at sea. But the boat, has made - Harbor Safe ... 2000

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