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Brass Tree

Woven, braded, and twisted copper wire mounted atop polished driftwood and limestone, all sitting on a 12" x 12" black mirror and ceramic marbled tile. The work stands about two feet tall.

The beveled glass tabletop shown below the work is not attached to it.

This is one in a series of brass ( copper wire ) trees. They do not all have the same base or mounting. I am working on one now that stands over six feet tall, and is getting quite heavy.

I began making these trees for my wife, so she would have a place to hang her rings and necklaces instead of laying them on the bathroom countertop. The first in the series were more 'stick' figured for her to place jewelry on. These later trees have more fine wire woven through out, to make the tree fuller, and that doesn't make it easy for hanging things on them.

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